Faculty-Staff Christian Forum at the University of Pennsylvania

Thursday, Oct. 16: “The Appropriate Use of Psychoactive Meds” by Daniel A. Hussar (Remington Professor of Pharmacy, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia) 12:00, Brachfeld Room, #225 Houston Hall. (Take-out lunches are welcome.)

How are we to weigh and respond to the many available medications that are offered and prescribed to treat mental illness today? What perspectives should Christians adopt regarding emotional and psychiatric disorders and their treatment? Dr. Hussar will answer these questions professionally and personally.  He will give an overview of important psychoactive medications: Amphetamine (e.g., Adderall); Thorazine; Valium; Lithium; Prozac; Ambien.  He will also provide an answer to his “test question”–“Psychoactive medications are:  A. miracle drugs;  B. ‘two-edged swords’;  C. overused.” This presentation will complement Dr. Joe Davis’ findings (UVA), presented last Thursday.

This is Part 3 of a four-part series, “The Year of Health: Mental and Emotional Wellness.” Topics are posted on our Calendar page.

Dave DeHuff, for the FSCF Steering Group: Mike Atchison, Gina Barrett, Phil Gehrman, Ray Townsend

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