Faculty-Staff Christian Forum at the University of Pennsylvania

OCTOBER SERIES: In light of the loss of student lives these past ten months, we have planned a five-week series this October titled “The Year of Health: Mental and Emotional Wellness.” 

This series will include guest presenters and will be led by Dr. Phil Gehrman (Psychology, Penn Sleep Center) who is a member of our FSCF Steering Group. Presenters and topics have been posted on our Calendar page which will be updated regularly.

PENN VERITAS FORUM:  David Skeel (Penn Law) will speak October 22, on “Is Justice Possible?” (7:00 p.m. in G-17 Auditorium, Cohen Hall).  Skeel will be reflecting from his new book, True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World.  He will be joined on the platform by Rogers Smith (Political Science) with John DiIulio as Moderator (Political Science).

In Him who is our Hope,

Dave DeHuff, for the FSCF Steering Group: 

Mike Atchison, Gina Barrett, Phil Gehrman, Ray Townsend


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