Faculty-Staff Christian Forum at the University of Pennsylvania

Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 7:00–The Veritas Forum:  “Is Justice POSSIBLE?” Cohen Hall, G-17 Auditorium, a professional and personal conversation between DAVID SKEEL (Corporate Law) and ROGERS SMITH (Political Science, Associate Dean for the Social Sciences) with ROBERT GHRIST, Moderator (PIK Professor of Mathematics and Engineering).  Early arrival is advised. Reception to follow.  veritas.org/penn

Thursday, Oct. 23, at Noon–Roundtable Discussion and recap of the Veritas Forum, led by James Kirkpatrick, M.D., a Medical Ethicist (Brachfeld Room, 225 Houston Hall). All are Welcome.  Jim Kirkpatrick is Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division, and Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy.  He was a panelist for the FSCF response after Richard Dawkins spoke here, titled “Same Data, Different Conclusions” (March 2013).

Dave DeHuff, for the FSCF Steering Group: Mike Atchison, Gina Barrett, Phil Gehrman, Ray Townsend

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