Faculty-Staff Christian Forum at the University of Pennsylvania

October 30, 12:00 to 1:15–“Up Close and Personal: Student Mental Health at Penn” (Brachfeld Room, #225 Houston Hall); Panel of Parents: Rudie Altamirano; Christine Fantuzzo; Hansell Stedman, MD; Ray Townsend, MD.

This panel offers the unique perspective of Penn faculty who are also Penn Parents (now or formerly). They will reflect on their own family’s thoughts and feelings over these past two semesters, and will discuss their expectations of how Penn should address emotional health needs. Professor Phil Gehrman (Psychology) will be our Moderator.  (Part 4 in a series: “The Year of Health: Mental and Emotional Wellness”)

Dave DeHuff, for the FSCF Steering Group: Mike Atchison, Gina Barrett, Phil Gehrman, Ray Townsend

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