Faculty-Staff Christian Forum at the University of Pennsylvania

Spring semester gatherings of the Penn FSCF will begin January 29, 2014 (each Thursday Noon, Room #225 Houston Hall). See Calendar page.

“The Doctor-Patient Relationship: Our Post-House-Call Era” is our primary focus until spring break and is especially engaging since healthcare issues touch us all in many ways, whether we are clinicians,  patients, or family and friends of patients.  One emerging ethos–“Patient-Centered Care”–not only mandates that patients be treated with basic respect and decency, but also encourages recognition of the individuality of each patient. Within this ethos, a cogent Christian or theistic worldview is a refreshing wind of change in a climate of reductionist medicine with its underlying worldview of materialism. All are welcome, from both sides of Spruce Street!

Dave DeHuff, for the FSCF Steering Group: Ray Townsend MD, Mike Atchison, Phil Gehrman, Gina Barrett, and James Kirkpatrick MD (ad hoc member)

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